Winmail.dat Opener - DAT,XPS,MSG Reader App Reviews

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Efficient processing of winmail type files

This app can help us WINMAIL, MAG, DAT, rtf type files, although we can often operate the type of documents, there are text, word, pdf, but with these commonly used software can not open the WINMAIL type of documents, with After this app, you can choose this app to open the file in the open mode, so that we can view and operate the document, which greatly speeds up our work efficiency.

Doesn’t work at all for opening MSG files

I paid the $7 to open MSG files. Just didn’t work in the slightest.

Useful for us

This app is recommended to me by my friends. I can say that this app can open files that cannot be opened by common software. I also often receive various types of files, such as winmail, dat, msg, now I have this app. These documents can be displayed well in front of my eyes.

Easy to operate

Now with APP, we will consider a lot of reasons, one is practical, the other is easy to operate, so when we are processing the file, we can easily display the files in the form of winmail, dat, mag, etc. It is easy for us to read. Unlike other apps, we need to study it ourselves and how to use it.

Simple to operate

When we receive the winmail, dat, mag type files, we only need to select this app in the selection open mode, the file content will be in the form of a list, we can drag and drop according to our own needs. It is more convenient for us to operate and read on the desktop of the computer. Unlike other apps, we also need to download other apps to open this file.

Very easy to use.

It solved a big problem for me. They offer great service and respond very quickly to all my questions. It works as said. It is so painful to not be able to open docs from windows usera. It is awesome and I can finally do business on my Mac again. If you are business man, get it.

Professional app.

It solved a big problem for me about winmail files, I am so satisfied with it. It worked just as it promised. I was able to see all of the files that were hidden in the winmail.dat. I was having so much trouble accessing attachments that the sender was frustrated.

I am very satisfied

This app was recommended to me by my friend. According to him, this app can help us open some winmail, dat, msg files. Maybe we have not heard the format of some files, but it does not mean that we will not touch this. Class file, then I downloaded and used this app. After using it, I found that this app still exists. It can help me quickly process files like winmail. I am very satisfied.

its a trick

They only let you see that there are files if you want to view them you have to pay, scammy!

This makes me very satisfied.

I downloaded a lot of similar apps, but the effect is not very good. This is still very easy to use. And I think its function has exceeded my imagination. I think it is very professional and can handle many types of apps for me. I have decided to continue using it in the future.

Can open winmail file very quickly

Sometimes we will receive some winmail format files, use some word tools can not open, now with this app, when we have winmail files, we do not have to worry, just click on the file, then select Use this app to open the file. Within a few seconds, the winmail file will be in the form of a list. We can read the document immediately. This kind of operation flow is very convenient for us to read and use.

I feel pretty good.

I think this app is a very good app and can help me a lot in my work. Anyway, I also have a lot of such emails or files to be processed. The function of this app is still very complete. I hope to help me in the process of using. I am also looking forward to this app.

Help me a lot.

I personally think that this app is pretty good, it can help me a lot. It's much better than some apps I downloaded and used before. This can help me read some winmail files, and I found it very professional after I used it. I have already recommended it to others. I hope it will help them.

Feel Good.

I can receive winmail.dat files from the senders from my partner who are using outlook. This app can help me with these files. It really help helped me solve an annoying problem with email attachments that I could not open previously. That's so fantastic experiences for me. I really thanks to my friends who recommend this app to me.

Irreplaceable app on mac

This app can help us open some files that can't be opened by common software, such as winmail, dat, msg, etc. In the process we use, we only need to click on the file, and then choose to open the app for this app. The content of the file will behave as a list, and it is easy to read that document. Although there are many such apps on the mac, I firmly believe that no APP has such efficient and fast processing methods to process documents.

Does not work on .msg files

Opens a blank screen

incredible tools

before i contacted this app,i always though that only some tools can open win mail.dat files,but also use several tools to help complete this behavior,now that i have this app.i only know that my previous how stupid is the practice,with this app,we can open the app by selecting this toolkit is very convenient for us to operate.

Great work.

In fact, I did not care about the winmail file. But recently it has been a non-resolvable state. For this reason, I have also been troubled for a long time. I have found a lot of related software and have not solved this problem very well. Now that I have used this APP, I think it is good. I will continue to observe and use it.


The winmail file has always been annoying to me until after I downloaded and used the app. Very good solution to my Microsoft winmail document. There wasn't any problem in the process of use. This is something I'm very happy about.

Does not work

When launched, got a pop up box with prices for other versions over the box it provides to open the doc. Dragged the file to the box it provided and nothing happened. Selected “open” from the pull down menu and selected the file and nothing happened. Found another free app that works well and deleted this one.


It is not recognizing msg types. Paid a lot of money for this and is not working. I also reported to the developer twice and no response.

no better tha this

When i previously handled this type of mail written by win mail ,dat,i would download several apps on the App Store to help complete this behavior, but since i had this app,i discovered how stupid i was,now i just need to tap the app to display the content of the email in front of us,i don;t need to do complicated operations,and i use this,the method of opening rhe e-mail does not change the document format of the e-mail,which relieves the sender of some troubles,i believe that no such good app can be found anymore.

It helps me a lot.

My email will always receive many different types of files, most of which I can open with different software. But there are files about winmail and I can't always open it very well. However, this problem has also been solved very well. It is that using this APP can help me very well.

An application that I really like to use

We often download a variety of applications on the mac, when I think a certain type of APP to download one just fine. This APP or I received winmail mail, unable to help download from the APP store above, it can quickly open winmail files for me, there are dat, xps, msg these types of files, although I do not know other types of APP is It is not possible to open these files quickly, but after using them so many times, this app has not had any problems and has affected my use. Therefore, I have not downloaded and used other apps. I recommend this app to my friends. They feel that they are relatively better than other apps. I am very satisfied with this download.

the best winmail open tool

Sometimes it is painful to receive winmail mail, because there is no good APP to open the file, really want to open this kind of document you need to download several APP to help complete this behavior, this method is very unwise, stupid of. Until I knew the app, I needed only one app to open the document very easily. The operation was very simple. In the process of opening the document, the style of the document would not be changed, and there would be no need to worry about changing during the operation. The document style is in trouble. If you also have this need, I believe this app will definitely help you.

Good tool for me.

It can take care of all the letter opening I need! And the important is that it Works well and is really helpful when dealing with a lot of MS files on my Mac. If you are looking for an app that is easy, reliable and with nearly instantaneous support available, this is the one.

Get ready for the ads...

Everytime you open a file with this it prompts you to upgrade to the “Pro” version, even if you already have. On top of that, it won’t even let you download the attachments and save them to your hard drive. You have to open each and every attachment you receive and then save it individually to the hard drive. What a PITA when you receive an email with 5-10 attachments and you can’t drop all of them in a folder for the project. TNEF Enough is a way better solution. You can drag your files directly out of there and into finder. Much easier to use than this junk of an adware app.


Download and install app. Drag winmail dat file to open. And … nothing … except prompts to purchase in-app versions. What’s the point?

Fast and efficient

This app is recommended by my colleagues for use by me. Due to the needs of the work, various e-mails are often received. Some e-mails are difficult to open because of different file formats, such as our usual apps. With this app, files such as winmail, dat, etc. can be opened very easily and it is very convenient to handle our work.

worthy app

we always download apps on our mobile phones or computers that we can use every day in our lives,i’m sure that this app is something you need, because we are busy with work every day, maybe someone else will distribute work or contact us via email,especially when we are receive a file written by winmail,dat,such as a tool is essential,and the app is very simple in operation,when we want to open that file, click file, choose to use app to open the file in this way,the contents of file will show the performance of the list,the contents of the file at a glance.

Can't miss APP

This app was recommended by a colleague of mine for me. Because of my work, I receive a lot of emails every day. I want to reply to emails. However, some emails cannot be opened at all, which is based on downloaded apps. It is impossible to open them. My colleague saw my dilemma, so I like this app. I can easily open the file through this APP, and in the process of opening, it will not change the format of the content. It is rarely good. Now it has been used for so long. No problems have affected my use. You deserve it.

It's important for me.

I have a Mac I and I couldn’t open any windat files, I tried a lot of ways to open them, all failed. But now I can use this app open them, that's so amazing. I like it so much. I should find it earlier, or I will not waste my long time. I think it's the real professional software for winmail.dat files.

Can not missing the APP

Perhaps you have not used this app yet, but I believe when you receive the file written by winmail one day, you will surely download this app. Compared with other APPs, it is more efficient for us to open the winmail file, and in the process of opening the file, the format of the file will not be wrong, which is the best for us to receive the information.

I really recommend it.

I have a Mac and I couldn't open any winmial dat files. So I have to find many ways to solve this issue. Finally, I find this one, it shows that it's powerful. I have used it almost everyday for the past days. And it have not had any problems. It works exactly ad it siad.

very good tool

this app can be opened with win mail,dat files.although there are a veriety of tools, but i firmly believe hat this tool is the best tool to handle win mail files, first of allot is particularly easy to operate throughout the operation, we do not need to do complicated operation, just need to open the file,open the way to select the app,click the app you can easily open the file,this method will not undermine the file format.

Works well on my MAC.

I couldn’t open any windat files before. But this one is beyond my imagination. This is exactly the lean, straight-forward tool I’ve been looking for to keep the work and engines of my small business turning over. This program works perfectly for me every time. Thank goodness for this Winmail DAT Viewer which saves the day — and a lot of time!

Particularly good

I have not used this APP before to handle some documents, but I found this APP particularly handy. Sometimes I receive various types of files for work reasons. Some files can not be opened by common tools in the market Now with this APP, I found that all the problems have been solved. When I click the button, the file will show the sequence of the list. Through the drag and drop of the mouse, the file can be stored on the desktop, which is more conducive to our use.

doesn’t work in Mac OS High Sierra

I tried the free WinMail DAT file viewer to open a winmail.dat file I received from a friend. The file is a Microsoft Word file. I have Mac OS High Sierra. When I try to open the file, it converts it to an icon showing that it is a .docx file, but when I click on it to open it, all I get is a window asking me to pay for the premium version. I don’t want to buy the premium version without first seeing if the app works. Apparently it does not.

High practicality

This APP is used to process winmail files, it handles winmail files, convenient and fast, high accuracy, usually we receive the winmail file, as long as we click the file, the APP will be the file content is expressed by the mouse drag , We can save the file on the desktop, more conducive to our reading information.

Good for me.

It really helped me a lot at winmail files. I needn't worry about this type files or mails any more. I can do a good job on my works of winmail files. I really want to say it's the best app for winmail.dat files. I like it so much. Someone like me works with this files can try it.



Does NOT open MSG files

Bought this specifically to open MSG files. I got this app, PAID for the $6.99 upgrade and it does NOT open the files! AND I HAVE NO WAY TO GET MY MONEY BACK! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

Nice tool for me

This APP is recommended to use my the friend, sometimes, will receive some Winmail files, but don't know what kind of tools to open, this time is often very trouble, now with this APP, I found that everything was simple, as long as we click Winmail files, will present a list of the content of the inside of expression, can through the mouse drag and drop to save files to the desktop, convenient for reading the next time

This APP is really good.

After I used this app, finally I can open the winmail files from my microsoft outlook. It helped me a big trouble, I like it so much. This APP is also quite simple to operate, but its functionality is powerful. And now I use it to manage winmal files.

Works well.

It woks very well. This does exactly what I need it to do. It helps me solved this problem. It is awesome and I can finally do business on my Mac again. This is really a good app for our business workers. So good to use. I'm looking for it's next update.

It's so professional.

It can view and save winmail.dat, msg, xps file content. Is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to solve such a document. This app is simple and straight forward, which is probably what I love most about it. I think it's the real professional software for winmail.dat files. I can't work without it now.

You'll love it

The APP's main function is to open winmail files, may we have life and have come into contact with many winmail files, but this file is real, this APP is the difference between other similar APP, its operation is simple, clicking the winmail button, winmail files will present a list form, click can see its content, unlike other APP to download several plug-ins to support open winmail files together, use for a period of time, you will find this APP is really good and practical

I think it’s a marketing scam

First, you agree to pay $2.99, so you do that in order to be abl to open PDF’s, but then you find out that all you get is a preview of the document that shows the PDF’s contained in it. I paid the $6.99 on order to see that I actually have to pay $14.99? Why should I believe that the $14.99 version will work? To the developer: Have a nice day, I won’t bill you for my time.

Does nothing.

It does nothing whatsoever except show you the file’s name. If you want to open it, be prepared to pay. Misleading.

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